Residential Surveys

What is it all about?

RICS Home Surveys Guide

Buying a property is usually a major investment so ensuring your property is sound is a minimum requirement. Mortgage Valuations undertaken by your lender provide you no protection so you generally have two choices of survey:-

RICS Home-buyers Report

– Residential Building Survey Report

A Home-buyers Report is a standard format suitable only for traditionally constructed properties with no known significant defects or in a dilapidated state.

The Building Survey Report is more flexible, and capable of being tailored to the property and your plans for it, if you have any – such as commenting upon the feasibility of removing partitions or extending.

Why might you need us?

You will usually want to have survey completed quickly. We offer to complete the report within a maximum of 7 days from instruction (providing access is available), and will provide a verbal or brief written summary even quicker if needed.