RICS Building Survey Instruction

Please click the two Terms & Conditions of Engagements documents below and read carefully before instructing a building survey.

I/we have read the attached Terms & Conditions of Engagement, a copy of which we have retained, and confirm and I/we wish to instruct North and Hawkins Ltd on this basis to carry out an RICS Building Survey on:

Please confirm the email address the report is to be sent to. 

Reports are emailed by default to the email address below:

If you would like us to email your solicitor a copy of the report, please provide their name and email details below: (Please note: copies will not be sent to your solicitor by post).

Confirmation of payment details.

On formal confirmation of instruction an invoice will be issued for the agreed fee on the understanding that no report will be released until monies have cleared.

I/We (The client/clients) accept and understand your Terms & Conditions of Engagement and also understand that the report will not be released until full payment has been received.

(Please note: If you wish the report to be addressed to more than one person, you must ensure that the individual names and signatures of each person concerned appears below).

Client Signature

Partner Signature


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