Schedules of Condition

What is it all about?

A schedule of condition is sometimes requested by a potential tenant to a new or assigned  lease as a means of limiting their liability.  Ordinarily a tenant will need to keep a property in repair, which can mean putting the property into repair even if it is not in repair at the outset.

A schedule of condition records the standard of the property so that the tenant does not have to put the property into a state of condition any better than it is recorded in the schedule.

Why might you need us?

We are able to prepare schedules of condition, being a factual record of the condition of the property.  Our schedules of condition include both a description and a photographic record of any defects and the general condition because photographs alone are often unclear when it comes to making the assessment at the end of the lease.  Conversely, a photograph can be clearer than descriptions in certain circumstances.