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Dilapidations is a complex area of law and practice. Tenants are often unaware of their obligations and one choice you have is whether to produce the schedule before or after the end of the lease.

We will review all relevant lease documentation and advise on the most appropriate strategy in the circumstances. Timely advice will lead to the best chance of either the tenant complying with their obligations or a timely resolution if they do not. As members of the RICS, we comply with the relevant Practice and Guidance Notes.


We deal with dilapidations matters under the relevant RICS Practice and Guidance Notes and the Property Litigation Association (PLA) Dilapidations Protocol.

We offer a Dilapidations Liability Assessment report, which allows tenants and occupiers to understand what their liability is likely to be at the end of their lease.  This can be beneficial to the tenant in following Financial Reporting Standard, FRS 12: Provisions, contingent assets and contingent liabilities.

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