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Expert Witness Reports

What is it all about?

When parties to a dispute require an authoritative opinion to help the courts determine the matter, it is often to an “Expert” that they turn.  An expert may be appointed before or during litigation and is duty bound to produce an independent opinion as to the questions posed.  Sometimes a report will be provided to a party to help decide whether to proceed with litigation.


We are appointed by private individuals or solicitors and will usually act as a Single Joint Expert but an expert’s duty is always to the court.

Why might you need us?

It is a fact of life that there will be dispute between parties.  The construction and property industry is no exception.  Parties can feel deceived or let down under a contract and it is often difficult for those involved to make objective decisions. 

A report detailing a professional opinion can help to determine where the parties actions may have fallen short of that reasonably or expressly required.

We have recently completed Expert Witness Reports under the following circumstances:-

  • Installation of a domestic kitchen where a dispute arose regarding costs;

  • Report into potential professional negligence following a building survey;

  • Report into re-roofing works covering workmanship standards and statutory compliance.


We, like all surveyors instructed as Experts, produce reports in accordance with the RICS Guidance document and the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) requirements. 

Please fill in our online Survey Quote Form here and we will be in touch with a quotation, or contact us on 01603 397055 to discuss your options in more detail.

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