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Feasibility Reports & Space Planning

What is it all about?

Often the first stage of a construction or refurbishment project is to consider whether there are a range of options available to achieve a desired outcome and once this has been ascertained, the preferred solution needs to be assessed for its feasibility.

Why might you need us?

We can guide you through this early stage of the scheme by undertaking an Option Appraisal and/or a Feasibility Report.

This process often results in a different solution being selected to the initial ideas that may have existed because Chartered Building Surveyors are able to analyse existing buildings and visualise how space can be adapted. This can rule out some options or make alternatives more cost effective.

The role can include space planning of existing areas to maximise efficiency of your property portfolio or building.

Please fill in our online Survey Quote Form here and we will be in touch with a quotation, or contact us on 01603 397055 to discuss your options in more detail.

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