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Planned Maintenance

What is it all about?

Property Managers and those responsible for the upkeep of a single or multiple buildings are able to more effectively prioritise works if they know the nature and cost of works that are foreseeable. Our Forward Maintenance Plan (FMR) service provides a means of more accurately budgeting and collecting finds, for anticipated works.

Why might you need us?


Property Managers have an obligation to residential and commercial tenants to properly plan for future works if those tenants are expected to fund such works through a service charge.

Following an inspection and review of relevant documents, our report will take the format of a spreadsheet which remains a live document, to be updated as works are completed or conditions deteriorate, in which case priorities can be altered.

Want to find out more?​

Please call us to discuss your requirements and to find out how we can help on 01603 397055Alternatively, you can email us at or complete our online Survey Quote Form.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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